Black Hills Pawn - Pawn Shop | Rapid City, SD 
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We buy gift cards

collection of jewels being displayed Finger rings
  • Star Quilts

  • Quill and Beaded Jewelry

  • Beaded Moccasins

  • Variety of items from different artists

You can receive 40-day loan terms when you pawn your items with us. This option gives you the ability to pick up your items within the first 10 days of the loan at a discounted rate of 10%. We accept and sell firearms, jewelry, electronics, tools, car audio, games, movies, ATVs, motorcycles, and much more.

Come see our large collection of jewelry items. You'll find the perfect item to purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone else.


Call for more information about how you can buy, pawn, or sell items.


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